growing-edge0805Growing Edge – July/August 2005: Cuisinart-Fresh Greens and Island Breezes

Dr. Resh wrote this article recently once again describing the Hydroponic Farm at Cuisinart Resort & Spa in Anguilla, B.W.I., but with an emphasis on how other resorts could benefit from hydroponic farms. He describes hydroponic culture and where it could be applied to resorts in the World. The Hydroponic Farm at Cuisinart Resort & Spa is a model of what could be done in other resorts to attract guests through nutritious, flavorful salads in their menus. The objectives of the Hydroponic Farm and the concept of such farms with resorts in the future are speculated upon.

growingmagGrowing Edge – September/October 2002: Growing and Learning in Anguilla

This article was written by Dr. Resh describing the Hydroponic Farm at Cuisinart Resort & Spa in Anguilla, B.W.I. It not only describes the various cultures used in the growing of lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, but also, gives a student’s perspective on the student internship training program offered by Cuisinart Resort & Spa Hydroponic Farm under Dr. Resh’s direction.

The article explains the growing of lettuce in raft culture; tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in bato buckets of perlite. Herbs and bok choy grow in plant towers by Verti-Gro, Inc. of Florida. A drip irrigation system waters the plants with nutrient solution regulated by a controller. The injector was designed by CropKing, Inc., of Ohio. All fresh water for the Hydroponic Farm is generated by reverse osmosis (RO) desalination of the ocean water as no fresh water is available on the island of Anguilla. The hydroponic system with a hurricane-tolerant greenhouse, manufactured by AgraTech Greenhouse Manufacturers of Pittsburg, California, conserves water and protects the plants from strong winds.

flowersmagFlower & Garden – November 2001:
Hydroponic Gardening at the Cuisinart Resort & Spa

This article, written by Dr. Resh, explains how the Hydroponic Farm grows the fresh salad vegetables for Cuisinart Resort & Spa. The article tours the Hydroponic Farm showing the crops and growing systems. It describes the irrigation-nutrient system, plant tower cultivation and bato-bucket perlite system for growing tomatoes, peppers and European cucumbers. It also explains the reasons and benefits of the Hydroponic Farm to the guests of Cuisinart Resort & Spa.

latitudesmagLatitudes – American Eagle Airlines Flight Magazine – July/Aug. 2000:

Bob Morris wrote this article about some of the highlights of life in Anguilla. It gives some of the history of Anguilla and how they seceded from its union with St. Kitts-Nevis in 1969. It describes some of the restaurants and resorts in Anguilla with background and emphasis on Cuisinart Resort & Spa. It contains an informative section on the Hydroponic Farm and Dr. Resh with several photos.

hydromagPractical Hydroponics & Greenhouses – Nov./Dec. 2000: Postcard from the Caribbean:

Dr. Resh wrote this article on the Hydroponic Farm at Cuisinart Resort & Spa. He explains the reasons for a hydroponic farm associated with this resort on the non-arable island of Anguilla. The need for a rigid structure that can withstand hurricanes that frequent the Caribbean is outlined. The AgraTech Greenhouse Manufacturer’s structure weathered the storm of Hurricane Lenny in 1999 just as the structure was completed and the crop almost in production. Winds up to 150 mph did not damage the structure and the crop continued growing to production by January of 2000 as the hotel opened. He describes the crops, varieties, seeding procedures, hydroponic systems, and some of the challenges faced with the environmental conditions in the Caribbean.

diablomagDiablo – December 2001:
Survivor in Shangri-La:

The writer, Peter Crooks, indulges in the beautiful experience of Anguilla and Cuisinart Resort & Spa. His visit to the Hydroponic Farm with Dr. Resh impressed him with the way the farm grows the vegetables hydroponically as well as the experience of the salads in the restaurants composed of the hydroponic vegetables. He shares his experience at the Spa of Cuisinart Resort & Spa and his delight in the cooking classes offered by the resort. After a fine dining experience at the Santorini restaurant, he reflects on his night stroll along the beach under the moonlight at Rendezvous Bay.

vidamagBuena Vida – October 2002:
Un Destino Romantico y Saludable:

This article written in Spanish by Natalia Santos Arroyo once again describes Anguilla with the emphasis on Cuisinart Resort & Spa. She describes her pleasures of dinning in the restaurants of the resort and her tour of the Hydroponic Farm with Dr. Resh. She then shares her treatment in the Spa of the resort, before summing up other activities on Anguilla to relax and enjoy a vacation.

brntwdmagBrntwd – Sept./Oct. 2000:
Island Fever-Living the Caribbean Life in Anguilla:

Dylan Nugent wrote this article of his experience in Anguilla and the Cuisinart Resort & Spa. He expresses his feeling of arriving on the tiny island of Anguilla after a full day of flying from Los Angeles. He explains how the owner of the resort came to Anguilla to build a lavish winter home, but due to governmental regulations and restrictions for building on beaches, foreigners were restricted to building only resorts on the beachfront. He then describes his impressions of the hotel architecture of Mykonos and the relaxed atmosphere of the resort. He continues with a description of the landscape that establishes a lush environment in contrast to the arid barren natural vegetation of the island. He then shares his experiences in the restaurants of the resort and a tour of the Hydroponic Farm with Dr. Resh. The beach, the property and spa are featured and finally a day trip around the island to sample some local culture and tourist sites of the island.

travelmag8. Virtuoso Travel & Life – July/Aug. 2003: Reveille on Anguilla:

Gary Walther describes his stay at Cuisinart Resort & Spa on Anguilla. He indulges in food of the restaurants and wellness exercise program of the Spa. His arrival and first impressions of Anguilla and the Cuisinart Resort & Spa make a memorable guest encounter. He shares at length his tour of the Hydroponic Farm with Dr. Resh and the reasons behind the building of it to present the guests with a unique salad experience that would not be available to them elsewhere. He speaks of his morning fitness classes followed by a spa treatment. He expresses his dinning pleasures with the menus of the restaurants and emphasis the hydroponic salads. He concludes with visits to other island attractions.


Votre Beauté, March 2002. “A Anguilla, un océan de douceurs”

The journalist Annouchk Walther, from this beauty magazine came to Cuisinart Resort & Spa to spend a few days to sample the warm, turquoise waters of Rendezvous Bay in Anguilla, the ultra modern health spa, fitness program on the beach and delightful cuisine. The architecture of the resort, a Caribbean gem, is from the south of Europe enveloped in an avalanche of Bougainville flowers. Cuisinart Resort & Spa was born several years earlier as an eccentric idea of Mr. Leandro Rizzuto, owner of the hair products company Conair and kitchen appliances Cuisinart. He envisioned a paradise within the arid island of Anguilla by creating a lush landscaped environment and the growing of fresh vegetables with a Hydroponic Farm.

Everything is perfect here with the fresh, clean sea breezes, fragrant nights, white, sandy, beaches and the pampering services of the resort. Lunch and dinner is enhanced with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and other vegetables from the Hydroponic Farm. On a tour of the Hydroponic Farm with Dr. Howard Resh, the manager of the farm, he shows with pride his vegetables growing in hydroponics. He is worldwide-recognized as a specialist in hydroponics with many publications and books. Cuisinart Resort & Spa is not only food, you will find a personal fitness trainer, a spa with all services of massages, stone therapy, body scrubs, etc., to help you relax in an island paradise experience.