Hydroponic Farms & Resorts/Spas:

What would be the reaction of guests at resorts if they could experience salads having the good old “backyard” flavor? I can tell you, the guests notice it and are very impressed with their salads when they have this real taste similar to growing in their back yards. We achieve this at Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa in Anguilla, a small Eastern Caribbean island (Photos 1 – 4). It is done by growing our own salad crops such as lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, European cucumbers, basils and other herbs in a hydroponic greenhouse at the site of the resort.

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Using Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa as a model, I propose that other resorts throughout the world consider a hydroponic farm as a similar component of their operations. The concept is to provide resorts with very nutritious and flavorful vegetable crops that are clean and safe. With the implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) the vegetables are pesticide free. This will overcome guests’ fear of getting ill during their vacation and overcome their avoidance of salads as is often the case in many areas where resorts exist. The integration of a Hydroponic Farm into a resort permits chefs to emphasize nutritious salads on their menus. They may demonstrate in cooking classes many uses of these vegetables including natural juices and even cocktails

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Health spas combining exercise and treatment programs with nutrition as a part of a “wellness” program utilize the fresh salad crops. An example of this is a fresh tomato or cucumber facial and skin wrap. Herbs such as lavender are part of lotions for cleansing our skin. Healthful, nutritious diets upon which are based the menus of the restaurants are part of this overall wellness concept. As travelers become more aware of the source and quality of the food they eat in these resort areas, a deciding factor in their choice of a resort destination will be a healthful, safe diet. With tours of the Hydroponic Farm, the guests will realize a sense of security in eating salads made from the on-site farm.

At Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa, our Hydroponic Farm produces fresh tomatoes, European (seedless) cucumbers, sweet bell peppers (red, orange, yellow), lettuce, bok choy and herbs (Photos 5-7). All of these products are harvested at their optimum ripened stage to give the guests that distinguished “backyard garden” flavor making a lasting impression with them.

The aim of the Hydroponic Farm is that it is one unique component of the resort that when combined with the beautiful landscape and beach surroundings, friendly and efficient service, healthful food, with the exercise/care programs of the spa, our guests will relax to experience an unforgettably pleasant vacation that will attract they and their friends to come again.

Hydroponics & Tourism:

Epcot Center and the Biosphere display hydroponics as tourist attractions. In the future demonstration hydroponic centers may be built in tourist locations as people are attracted to this high-tech agriculture. Such Hydroponic Farms established with theme parks and hotel-resorts will give courses for people wanting to grow hydroponically as a hobby.

The economic feasibility of a Hydroponic Farm with a resort lies in its ability to attract guests. Even in areas of the Southwest U.S. where greenhouse products are available, the guests may still question the safety and nutrition of the vegetables as they are not aware of the source of the products. When the guests can tour the Hydroponic Farm and experience the methods of growing they undergo a psychological impact assuring themselves of the quality and safety of the foods. This sets the resort apart from all others and brings the guests and their friends back. The payback to the resort is not through savings in food costs, but in obtaining high occupancy rates. The profits are in the sale of rooms and attendance at the restaurants of the resort. That is what we are experiencing here at Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa.

Please see “Tour of Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa Hydroponic Farm” for more information on our growing systems with many more photos.